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It's all part of the plan


There's an interesting thing going on about these D400 wet dreams: Nikon is following 1 special business rule, which is "do NOT give the people what they want."

Huh ?

Yeah, that's it. As soon as people get exactly what they want, there's no room left for further sales.

You always need to sell something intentionally lacking, in order to have your customer come back for the next shopping.

If the D400 is too good, them offer the people the buffer lacking D7100. Make them wait.

While waiting for the D400, they'll buy the D7100, the D800 (as soon as done waiting for pro level DX), and when D400 is finally released, they'll remember they wanted one and will buy it too, rebooting the cycle for the D500.

It's actually a powerful business plan, made since forever.

Makers of every product you can imagine do that.

One (very strange) example:

Anyone here is interested in video games?

If you're not, simply understand video games are just computers, fine tuned for graphics.

What we had for almost a decade, in the XBOX 360 and PS3, was ancient technology. 512 mb of RAM, when every cheapo computer in the world has at least 4 to 8 GB.

What prevented makers to put 8 GB in there too? Was it cost? No.

If they put 8 GB, that would make the product too good. So good, that gamers won't upgrade for the next gen.

That's a too risky business plan. Makers always need to leave room for the next gen.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Don't worry, one day, the D400 will come... but Nikon will milk everything they can before that day comes.

PS: the K-3 is in a different game. Pentax needs to grab as much customers as they can. They have no choice but to release such a killer cam right now.

Nikon and Canon can afford to wait much, much longer.

Canon should have released their 7d mark II too, but they didn't.

They're also milking their customers as long as they can, as the 7d was already too good at the time.

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