Best Micro Four Thirds Camera?

Started Dec 1, 2013 | Questions thread
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Jon Ingram wrote:

I come from using full frame and APS/C style sensors. However, I'm considering going even lighter for some mountaineering/traveling I'll be doing next year. The 4/3 format is interesting to me, not just for the smaller size of the camera but the incredible selection of light lenses.

Since I know almost nothing about M 4/3 cameras, I'm hoping users can fill me in on which camera has the reputation for best image quality, especially dynamic range at low ISO's, and low noise at high ISO's. Basically what I'm getting at is which camera has the best sensor? JPEG color rendition is less important to me as I only shoot raw and process everything in lightroom myself. Size and weight are considerations, but less important to me than absolute best image quality. All advice much welcome. Thanks!


Thats a tough one because if size and weight are less important than image quality than there is no need for you to buy a m43 as you probably either come really close or beat any m43 offering in IQ with FF or aps-c. The answer you want to hear is either the EP-5 or EM-1 but, personally, I wouldn't buy either and would go for something like a GM-1 instead. It's a tough call and to m43 is a lot more than image quality. If I want all out image quality I would go for FF or APS-C its a full circle, but in my opinion the EP-5 or EM-1 have the best image quality of m43 ...until next week.

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