OK, what do you think of -this- photo?

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Interesting Photo

skanter wrote:

This is one of mine, take a few years back. It was a huge blizzard here in NYC. I took this of the almost deserted road leading to the Midtown Tunnel, with a church in the foreground - only a solitary bus on a road usually filled with traffic.

The result reminded me of old noir photos of the 30s and 40s, like the cover of a mystery novel. I PP out a lot of modern signs, and some distracting lights and objects.

The result is one of my personal favorites, one of the few hanging on my wall and the walls of many others who wanted it. An editor of Aperture Magazine saw it, said she loved it and said it reminded her of an Edward Steichen photo, but unfortunately it was not published in Aperture to my disappointment.

It's interesting to me that many posters need to know exactly "what it is", "what's going on", instead of letting the photo evoke a feeling or emotion. in any case, together with the Saul Leiter photo thread, a fascinating experiment. Thanks for participating...

On the one hand, I get an impending sense of doom seeing a bus going down a snowy hill at night.  Think of all the bad things that can happen there.  But on the other hand, the church in the foreground almost creates a sense of security and assuredness that the bus will somehow be safe from any disaster.

Overall, when I look at this photo, I feel glad that I'm somewhere warm, safe, and dry.  It looks cold, lonely, and potentially very dangerous with the bus descending a slick, snowy hill at night.

Thanks for the little social experiment you conducted with this thread and the other one.  I read Saul Leiter's obit in the NY Times and I have to say I'm a bit shocked that I never heard of him before and that more of his work wasn't published.  Sounds like he was quite the revolutionary when it came to street photography.  It's sad that he didn't get more of the recognition he deserved.

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