Does Anyone use checklists?

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Re: Does Anyone use checklists?

Basalite wrote:

phazelag wrote:

Being a former Pilot I learned the value of following a checklist before and after and sometimes during a flight.

As a retired aircraft mechanic I thank you for doing that.

In almost every case of damaging an aircraft near take off or landing it was someone not following the checklist. Usually that was a senior guy who got comfortable.

Yep, happens on the maintenance side too, as I'm sure you know. It doesn't take much to destroy an extremely expensive aircraft and to get people hurt and killed. I used to do engine runs on fighters and to get to the point of actually starting the engine there were around a few hundred steps to follow, and sometimes hundreds of maintenance documentation pages to go through. Far worse than what the pilot had to deal with since he is not dealing with all the variables of disrepair and disassembly the aircraft may be in. I had a lot of scary things happen during engine runs, and I didn't get paid extra for doing it. The only thing I didn't have to deal with was the plane dropping out of the sky on me.

I think it should be required for surgeons as well.

I believe they only do that for tools so the patient is not left full of FOD.

I have been toying with making a Different Checklist for different types of Photography. One for Landscapes, Events, Portraits, Studio, Street, and others.

It's a very good idea. The checklist can also include ideas for different subjects.

I have considered laminating small or even tiny cards and attaching them to something like my camera strap, case, case strap loop, or keeping them in my wallet.

Better yet, buy yourself the E-ink book reader and create PDFs as your cards.

Usually when I put work into a shot, the only thing that prevents it from being better, is forgetting some fundamental or a setting I usually use in a different way.

Yep. In my case there is nothing technical about the cameras I need to be reminded about, but cards reminding me of creative possibilities would be useful.

What do you think?

It's a very good idea.

Excellent comments thanks!

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