On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

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isn't it just the IBIS?

The sensor is loosely held to the camera frame, using a servo system that has a frequency response. Vibrate the camera, the sensor may or may not follow.


A FF has a sensor that is firmly attached to the frame. Technically, even if the entire camera vibrates, image quality isn't changed as long as the camera vibrates as one piece.

Seems like IBIS has a major flaw. It needs a decking/locking system, just like OIS has an off position when you're on a tripod.

I dunno. Doesn't seem like rocket science.

Yes, there seems to be a correlation with body weight. How strong that correlation really is (if it is shutter shock we are actually talking about) and why it is there is not yet clear to me. Sure, a heavy FF camera has more weight to "absorb" the forces and momentum associated with the acceleration and deceleration of the shutter blades than a light MFT camera. However, an FF camera is also likely to have heavier shutter blades (four times heavier than an MFT camera everything else equal) and these blades also have to be nearly twice as fast to reach the same sync speed (since they have to traverse an opening that is nearly twice as high). So if we start relating the forces and momentum associated with shutter action, an FF camera is not necessarily better off in this regard than an MFT camera. If anything, it might be the other way around.

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