On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

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maybe shutter shock explains why 1/30th sec. worked

Jack Hogan wrote:  True. Although some of us use a tripod for many of our captures and work with perfectly still subjets (landscapes;-).

Below is a pretty long telephoto image, Nikon ED 300mm F/4.5 wide open on APS-C Nex C3, that has led me to get picked up for further work. A bit of a lucky break, was surprised at how clearly this came out, using a fairly light tripod. But upon reading your posts and this thread, it is possible that the 1/30th of a second shutter speed, which felt slow to me at the time, was actually helpful in avoiding shutter shock. That might have shown up more at say 1/100th of a second. All having to do with the timing of the various shutter shocks versus the resonant frequency of a certain mass camera system, with a certain length, supported at a certain point.

Having just finished claiming that almost nobody cares about shutter shock, oh well. At least can say with certainty that am not concerned about such niceties very often.

Very light mold on decades old lens doesn't seem to hurt much. Want to convince the lens' owner to let me try to disassemble it for cleaning.

Jack: So after seeing some surprises in the curves, the first question that came to my mind was 'is my technique better than DPR's? Followed by 'should I be attempting to avoid certain shutter speeds, when going for maximum resolution? - maybe I should run a few tests with my camera and my setup'.

Can't hurt to check the topic out a bit, especially with long lenses. Not immediately clear to me a super simple way to check horizontal versus vertical resolution, how am going to divine a 10% difference easily.

We can only speculate at this stage, so it would be best to leave it to someone who can do proper targeted testing as far as these cameras are concerned. But since this is the first time that I have seen curves like this I thought others may find them interesting and possibly help explain some of the anomalies.

Would say that you have intellectual curiosity that is independent of photographic utility.

PS/OT I have now seen a number of the images you've taken with your C3 in various posts. They all appear to have a color cast and be underexposed/underbrightened on my calibrated/profiled monitor.

Well they look OK to my possibly idiosyncratic taste, on my profiled 120-or-so-lumens Windows PC/Dell monitor. What flatters my clients might be appearing to you as sort of rose-colored glasses. Wonder how this "test photo" looks on your system.

Why always getting stuck with having to work at 1/4 second. Guess am never getting called for the easy pickings.

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