Why I bought the X-E2 + 35mm 1.4 instead of A7 + 55mm 1.8

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Why I bought the X-E2 + 35mm 1.4 instead of A7 + 55mm 1.8

I had pre-ordered the sony A7 and was really excited about the prospect of a full frame mirrorless camera. I also only pre-ordered the 55mm 1.8 since it was the only fast lens in their lineup. When the x-e2 was announce I didn't even really look at it.

After some time I did a quick comparison of both combos. Here is why I ended up with the x-e2 with 35mm 1.4

Size: Fuji wins. Sony is 26% taller and 29% deeper.

  • Sony: 126.9 x 94.4 x 48.2 mm + 70.5mm lens
  • Fuji: 129.0 x 74.9 x 37.2 mm + 54.9mm lens

Weight: Fuji wins. Sony is 40% heavier than the Fuji.

  • Sony: 474 + 281 = 755g
  • Fuji: 350 + 187 = 537g

Af: Fuji wins here. I think hands down.

  • Sony: reports of miss focusing with the a7 phase detect. reports of hunting low light af
  • Fuji: Good phase detect. Very confident and spot on low light focusing

DOF control: Sony wins by around 1/3 stop but fuji 35mm 1.4 reports in having bigger background blur than expected.

  • Sony: 1.8 aperture
  • Fuji: 2.1 equivalent aperture

Low light performance: Fuji wins. (Although sony could arguably have maybe 1/3 stop better noise)

  • Sony: Good iso performance but more megapixels and bad low light af
  • Fuji: Good iso performance but brighter lens and better low light af.

Lens performance wide open: tie. You will get sharper center with the fuji but the better corners with the sony

  • Sony: Sharp corner to corner.
  • Fuji: Very sharp center.

Price: Fuji by landslide. Sony cost 86% more $$$

  • Sony: 1700 + 1000 = 2700$
  • Fuji: 1000$ + 450$ (combo deal) = 1450$

So it comes down to would I pay 1200$ more to get 1/3 stop aperture difference with a larger heavier camera that doesn't af as good? Definitely not. That is why I bought the x-e2 and am quite happy with it so far.

Here is a snap from yesterday (My daughter got to try some eye makeup for fun while out shopping)

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