IBIS for SONY E MOUNT FF cameras may be seen in upcoming models !

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Re: re: how about the costs - immutable laws of economics?? (n/t)

Keit ll wrote:

jpr2 wrote:


Is that an example of an inscrutable reply ? If you are implying that IBIS would add to the asking price , well have you heard the expression 'spoil the ship for a ha'pworth worth of tar ' ?

Unmovable, stubborn Luddites. Present them with proof and they will continue to present you with the same old arguments. Did you know the Earth is flat?

"The Olympus 5 axis IBIS required a 'hump' on the OMD camera and, although ... Fair points, but the new EP5 doesn't have a hump and still using the hyper hyped 5-axis IBIS. ... They miniaturized the 5-axis Ibis for the E-P5, so no more hump."


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