Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

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An option

janlu wrote:

This place has always been a place where real photography has been the main interest , as all of you know…..

I have always found in this place priceless information and help about the Leica gear , thanks to many members that have an outstanding knoledge about !!!

The members of this forum also have always accepted some no-Leica photos from some very respectful members , and also from outsiders too !!! Interesting comparisons and very different points of view , i think this is very sensible and right after all .

We are just now without a moderator ….. and with the consense of DPreview to enjoy this forum without !!!

But we have to behave correctly , so i think that some no-leica photos is ok , but it's not ok encouraging them !!!!

Also i find very disturbing that in such a moment of the forum various people are posting many images from other brand .

All the forum has always defended them but they are not of help now !!!

So why ???? The forum has always helped them and now they not understand that is better to take a little break ……. or do you all want a moderator come again without understand when it's the case to accept no-Leica pictures or not ??? !!!!

If we want to be the natural moderators of this forum we also have to behave ……. accepting some no-leica pictures is good …. but encouraging them as a sort of rebellion is not a good thing .

Oh … i have no problem with no-leica pictures but if all of you no-leica users continue in a so hard way without understanding the right limit …. then it will be worse for all…. Leica users and not !!!!


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I shouldn't even be in here according to one poster.

Here's a thought. I participate in a few forums at DPR and if we take the Oly SLR forum as an example, each week (once a week) they have open threads. In other words any brand is allowed to post shots from any camera. Sony DSLR / SLT does exactly the same thing and it is very successful. Panasonic does the same.

I just upset someone in here and that's obvious, I'm sorry if I did. That is not what I want. Here's the issue. I look at a few forums here all the time, I don't always comment for sure. Here is how I go about visiting a forum and good example of what I do.

I simply click on the photos icon at the top of the forums and here's what it looks like when I do ........


From there I see what is of the most interest and I open up the post. That is where it gets very confusing and awkward IMO.

Okay, I'm a NEX user and maybe to some, I shouldn't be looking in here, well I'm sorry, but I do.

All the best and I'll now go back to my cave.


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The image couldn't care less what took it, it just exists.

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