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Re: New gallery "dark pressure"

Hi Claudio

First of all, you have nothing to be modest about with your photography. Whilst (inevitably) I didn't like every single photo, as a collection they are superb. You ought to be very proud of your work. If you're not, it must mean you are a perfectionist and we can look forward to even better photos in future!

As to the site, I don't think there is much wrong with how it operates - once you've worked out how.  Jquery is a much better solution than the flash sites you often see which can cause all sorts of problems. It certainly look aesthetically pleasing.

The main thing I think is troublesome is that you have to figure out how to do basic navigation.

That kind of thing is not so bad with a desktop application that you have to learn anyway but generally users hate being confused by the basic operation of a website. Kendall is clearly an exception!

I'm not going to tell you how to design your website and I think you have a good idea of the options but it might be worth it for you to have another think about the intuitiveness of the navigation (help information is probably futile, very few will read it).  Users really are an impatient lot and there so many other sites to look at...

One thing I would think about for sure is the use of secondary windows for each gallery. Is that technique necessary for your site?  If it is you should alert people it's going to happen, because a lot of people won't notice and will be desperately hitting the back button and feeling very confused when they can't get back to the home page. Is there a particular reason why you need all your galleries open at once in multiple windows? I can't think of an obvious one...

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