Steve Huff review A7/R, say they will take over the world!

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Re: Steve Huff review A7/R, say they will take over the world!

Brian Caslis wrote:

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Brian Caslis wrote:

quezra wrote:

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quezra wrote:

Brian Caslis wrote:

How is it in normal operation? Anything feel slow? I can't quite figure out what the point in his review was. Is it it's slow to turn on? You can need to take more care to get a 36MP shot? If it feels normal/fast in normal operation I don't see what the point is.

Why do you care? You have already decided you're not interested in this camera, correct?

Did you even read his other replies or do you just check gear lists and make assumptions?

Yes, that's how I figured out he isn't actually interested in the A7, the same way you aren't interested in this camera except to denigrate it.

Wow, going for the jerk award? I'm actually interested in buying this camera. Since it's not in any stores here in the U.S. I can only get impressions online. Is there some law you can't be interested in multiple cameras?

Ok in that case I apologize. The descent of m4/3 crowd here might have had me confuse you with someone else.

OK, no problem. Can't saw I will never criticize the camera but at least it will be based on experience, not a prejudice. What pushed me over the edge for ordering was comparing lens sizes. I can't find anything on the 70-200 f4, but the other FE lens really aren't that big. The 28-70 is a tiny bit smaller than the Olympus 12-40 but lighter. The 24-70 f4 is a lighter bigger but not much. But I would need a lens right away so the kit is going to be it until others show up. Really want the 55mm. Not sure what the date is going to be on that.

SAR's saying 12/20 for the FE55... unless Sony decides to hold it in the US until after the holidays...

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