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Re: Reward

Lovely photos, really lovely and such rich and excellent processing.

Back to the site. I've noticed another problem with the site: each gallery fires up a separate dialogue box without any warning. This is another breach of the W3C WAI WCAG standards:

"The objective of this technique is to provide a warning before automatically opening a new window or tab. Opening new windows automatically when a link is activated can be disorienting for people who have difficulty perceiving visual content, and for some people with cognitive disabilities, if they are not warned in advance.

"Providing a warning allows the user to decide it they want to leave the current window, and the warning will help them find their way back, if they do decide they would like to go to the new window. It will help them understand that the "back" button will not work and that they have to return to the last window they had open, in order to find their previous location.

"Recommended method:

<a href="knitting.html" target="_blank">All about Knitting (opens in new window)</a>"

Again, I think this would be considered illegal in the UK (even though the risk of prosecution is essentially zero. Not sure why we keep making laws that are never enforced. Gives the MPs something to do I guess. "Hear, hear").

I can't help noticing these things, ensuring compliance and making "reasonable adjustments" is my day job.

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