Does Anyone use checklists?

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Re: Does Anyone use checklists?

phazelag wrote:

Being a former Pilot I learned the value of following a checklist before and after and sometimes during a flight. In almost every case of damaging an aircraft near take off or landing it was someone not following the checklist. Usually that was a senior guy who got comfortable.

I think it should be required for surgeons as well.

I have been toying with making a Different Checklist for different types of Photography. One for Landscapes, Events, Portraits, Studio, Street, and others.

I have considered laminating small or even tiny cards and attaching them to something like my camera strap, case, case strap loop, or keeping them in my wallet.

Usually when I put work into a shot, the only thing that prevents it from being better, is forgetting some fundamental or a setting I usually use in a different way.

What do you think?

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I do.  I created one for use when I had photo assignments while I was taking a dslr course.  I find that it is easy to forget a specific setting or forget to change a setting back after shooting something a little different than usual.  Not as much of a problem when I am using my Nikon D5100, but is a definite problem when I use my canon sx 50.  I do mostly wildlife photography, that can mean the difference between getting and completely missing a shot. Ni don't use a check list for every shot...pretty impossible if shooting birds.  But I do try to use one when I switch from shooting BIFs  to closeups of flowers or insects for example.

I am a nurse and we are trained to follow 'protocol' (really a checklist) when doing any procedure.   Yes, after awhile and with experience, it becomes routine.  But, I have witnessed and even experienced when something was missed by someone who was experienced.

BTW, surgeons now are required to do "time outs" prior to any procedure.  Basically, they go through a verbal checklist, while someone else verifies what is being said has been noted and is correct.  They also are now required to mark their own surgical sites, rather than have someone else do it.  Many of them fought that when it was first mandated, and in fact some still do.  But it would have prevented most if not all of the wrong site surgery errors that have occured.


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