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Re: New gallery "dark pressure"

Dear David,

many thanks for your comments...

I agree with you, in the web one can find far better designed and ergonomic sites... and also far better photographers

I designed this website mainly because some friends asked me to share my photos and I don't like the standard sharing sites... indeed, my friends are very tolerant. I read this forum every day, I learned and I continue to learn a lot reading it. I feel a little bit at home, I would like to give back something to all the people who contribute to the forum. Technically I'm really bad, the only things I can share are my pictures... sorry, it was not my intention to cause nightmares...

I'm not a professional photographer, I have nothing to sell, I don't need to promote myself.

I'm not a professional web designer and I cannot pay a professional one to develop the website of my dreams.

I just try to do my best during my free time (that actually I mainly use to go out and walk), and I tried hard in developing this simple website, a website that does not distract from photos. I know that there are problems... now I also know that I totally failed, my score is 0/10.

[A more technical note. I used a jquery plugin, the one that, for me, has the smoother scrolling (I tested a lot of them). At the beginning I put the two arrows, but I did not like them. Given your suggestion I will reconsider this choice, but I'm not sure I will change my mind. Another interesting suggestion is the one of visualizing the navigation instructions for few seconds. I started with an horizontal scrolling but the vertical one is much smoother when shades are present, I don't know why. I also tried to allow to use left/right arrows (the usual ones) to scroll up/down but without success. If you are able to help me in solving this problem, or you know a better jquery plugin this would be very useful. Said that, I think that this plugin is not bad. It downloads all the images in the memory, it allows to move quickly by using the mouse wheel or the touch pad, and, honestly, I really prefer not to click when navigating.]



DMillier wrote:

The navigation on your site is perhaps the most unintuitive I've seen for many a year. It's a nightmare.

As a professional web usability tester, you core 0/10 for that.

What's wrong with simple links that say "Previous", "Next"? You're in big trouble if you have to provide textural help of of how to move from image to image! It's a shame because you are putting a barrier between the user and your work that means many people won't bother to try and work it out and you'll be the person who loses out.

Keep it simple,keep it obvious, stick with tried and tested solutions.Re-inventing navigation priciples for one site doesn't work.

Now with that off my chest, time to get positive.

Love the pictures, love the concept of thematic projects and galleries and it all looks nice too. Excellent work.

(Please sort out the navigation!).

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