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dr.noise wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

The entire rest of your post just goes on ignoring the fact that everyone here figured out how to use the website, so there's no reason to complain that I can see.

You can't make the assumption based on a few people. When there are thousands of viewers, their success rate will be quite different, and for example I figured out how to use the website just because I had enough time and effort.

But you can tell from the first image that effort will be rewarded, and the viewer will likely pay closer attention as a result - and they will feel good about haven figured something out, leaving them in a positive mood.

Now when you go back there you'll know how to use it; you learned something new as did I, our UX vocabulary has been expanded.

That is great for us as we are willing to learn. That is probably not great for the 1/1000th of site viewers who might, for example, make a business proposall to the author. Thus a chance will be lost.

Dubious at best that would be an issue.

I would deal with this problem like this:
1) On the first view, show a message "use arrows or mouse wheel to navigate"
2) Slowly fade the message so the screen is uncluttered again

The problem with a fading instruction (from experience in mobile development) is that someone can look away for the time that it is up and easily miss it, or just see it was there as it vanishes (very frustrating).  Also, any text in theory requires localization.

I already gave my solution to help those confused (a technique long used in mobile apps which have similar issues) - simply start out with a slow automatic scrolling downward to let the user know there is more below. Then from there they can scroll or use arrow keys.

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