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TrapperJohn wrote:

It's going to end up being a chicken and egg thing. Once the newness of the concept wears off, the headache of using adapted glass from a variety of legacy sources sets in, and people actually live with it, the A7 won't sell well until it gets the native lens support to be a full system. That's essentially what happened with Alpha FF. But, because Sony can't make that glass itself, the aftermarket probably won't support the A7 until it sells in enough numbers to justify the R&D investment.

When the 7/7r bodies were first announced I wrote the following post:


"If I was a serious landscape photographer then the 7r or 7 and some old, good, manual focus SLR lenses would be a nice, fairly small/light combo. For landscape, who cares much about AF and IS? Older MF lenses are smaller/lighter than the new, big AF, IS lenses. If I was into this sort of photography I might get the 7/7r, buy an adaptor or two on ebay, and get some old MF lenses. Sony would sell the body, but not the lenses. Or even better, wait a few months and get a lightly used body for much less from someone."

I am still of the same opinion.  For people who don't care about AF and IS then some good old MF SLR lenses for landscape, etc. for use with the 7/7r then that is probably attractive.  Camera on a tripod.  For other purposes, without much in the way of Sony lenses designed for the 7/7r yet, it seems much less attractive.

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