IBIS for SONY E MOUNT FF cameras may be seen in upcoming models !

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altaf007 wrote:

Has anybody ever wondered why didn't Sony make in-lens optically stabilized Zeiss lenses for A7/A7r cameras ?

In the very first sentence of your original post, your premise is invalidated. Maybe do more research next time?

Since Sony & Olympus have agreed to share technology I believe Sony had plans to release IBIS

There are zero details on what they may do together.  Sony has made an investment to keep Olympus afloat. Sony benefits from Olympus not going under because it's Sony sensors in those Olympus MFT cameras, but the main reason for the financial investment was to gain access to the medical business unit of Olympus.

Sony *might* sub-contract the production of some lenses - for any camera, not solely the full frame cameras - to Olympus. Sony *might* sell or buy other technology or manufacturing capabilities. Or Sony may very well not do anything more than what they currently do -- sell sensors to Olympus.

what do you think guys will we ever see IBIS mirrorless cameras by Sony ?


They are releasing OSS lenses. That tells you the story right there.

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