Swapping EM1 for A7

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The A7 looks real good, if you only look at sensor specs.

However, if you look at the system, and Sony's rather poor history of supplying lenses for its new interchangeable lens systems after the original Alpha (which inherited a pile of good Minolta glass)... and add in the fact that Sony apparently can't make FF optimized glass themself... and using NEX glass on the A7 results in an APS crop so you lose the benefit of the larger sensor...

It's going to end up being a chicken and egg thing. Once the newness of the concept wears off, the headache of using adapted glass from a variety of legacy sources sets in, and people actually live with it, the A7 won't sell well until it gets the native lens support to be a full system. That's essentially what happened with Alpha FF. But, because Sony can't make that glass itself, the aftermarket probably won't support the A7 until it sells in enough numbers to justify the R&D investment.

If you're going to be in the high end camera business, you need to make lenses. Good lenses, terrific lenses. What would the EM1 be without the 12-40, or PL25, or 75 1.8 or 45 1.8 or 20 1.7 or 17 1.8, or the exquisitely sharp and relatively inexpensive ZD lenses?

It would be... not very useful.

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