Steve Huff review A7/R, say they will take over the world!

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Re: Steve Huff review A7/R, say they will take over the world!

bluevellet wrote:

shadowhumper wrote:

bluevellet wrote:

He glosses over the AF tracking and only mentions continuous shooting when there's no tracking at all. I guess he shot with manual focus almost exclusively.

But I'm glad he recognizes operation is still slow, even with AF out of the equation. It's a pretty big deal.

Overall, the review is heavily legacy-glass-oriented.

I can't say anything about tracking, since I don't care for it, but AF isn't slow. In fact wit FE 35 2.8 it is faster than the E-M5 with Pana 20 1.7.

I should know because I own both.

E-M5 may be fast in most circumstances, but the Lumix 20mm is notoriously slow and slows down any m43 camera considerably when attached to it.

Absolutely. And to the OP, he doesn't say it will take over the world, and if you read his other reviews, he seems to prefer the E-M1.

I'm thinking about getting the A7, but this review has me worried. If someone who does mostly manual focusing with legacy glass is calling a camera slow then this doesn't sound good. What does he mean by slow? Slow starting up? Something else? I can't really figure out what he is trying to say.

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