Swapping EM1 for A7

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On weather sealing...

The weather sealing on the EM5 is not "maybe the best" (can't speak to EM1) as mine went in to the shop due to water damage from light rain soon after I got it. Its weather sealing is effectively non existent. I was using the EM5 with the weather sealed adaptor and the 14-54mm Mk I Digital Zuiko. This camera collapsed under just a bit of rain -- something my E3 never did.

While olympus fixed the camera under warranty it eroded my faith in weather sealing on the micro four thirds bodies. If weather is something you are concerned about I'd suggest looking elsewhere based on my experience.

For reliably good weather I still love the EM5.

the-dude-75 wrote:

just preorded the A7 with the 35 mm and will sell my E-M5 with lenses.

why? the A7 is not much larger than the E-M5 with a 12 mm lense or the 25 mm panaleica. and that worked great.

the sony has weather sealed primes! important point and a drawback in the mft world. the weathersealing of the omd is fine, might be one of the bests, but works so far only with one or two zoom. I have the kit one and don't use it at all. all my primes are not sealed.

the price! you can get with the sony a cheaper camera system than the omds. compare the em1 with the A7. with a 5 % voucher the A7 is in germany cheaper than the E-M1! think about the lenses. I was close to buy one voigtländer or other 0.95 lense. for that money I get the 55 mm Zeiss in super quality and AF!

of course, some people miss a lot lenses in the FE mount, but if you are fine with one or two primes and maybe manual lenses, it seems to be a nobrainer

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