Problem with RX100 images stabilization

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Re: Problem with RX100 images stabilization

alfpang wrote:

I've found the same issues shooting w the RX100 after being accustomed to the much more dependable handheld IS on my Canon S95, at 1/30 and even 1/20 or 1/15.

I imagine however that the much bigger sensor on the RX-100 means that camera shake or subject movement is amplified esp on closeups or when repositioning the camera after focus-locking on a particularly point. I've experienced similar on my DSLR. The image from the RX100 is nevertheless more forgiving zoomed out to sizes similar to what other cameras w smaller sensors produce.

In the meantime I've learnt to use shutter priority or simply be a little more steady at 1/30. I wish Sony would allow Auto ISO in M mode though -- it would allow us to set both a decent handheld speed and aperture while tweaking ISO to compensate for light.

This is an old thread, but I'm bumping it up rather than start another on the same topic.

I think the general consensus is that RX100's IS works but not to the same degree as S95. (I have a Canon S95 and its IS is superb.)  Does RX100II have better IS, or is it the same as RX100?  I use pocketable P&S as social camera, which takes place often in dim light, making IS very crucial. The shaky IS (no pun intended) of RX100 would be a significant shortcoming from my perspective.

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