On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

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good idea, change light level to get different shutter speeds

Ken Strain wrote: A better-controlled set of inputs would help: such as two shutter speeds per exposure, two camera orientations per case, to look for AA filter asymmetry, two camera mounts for each case - at least some variation to change the motion induced by shutter shock without changing other variables, and at least two samples of each camera. But that becomes a huge task (16 pictures per case - and it would be good to take a few each time).

At least, take one extra F/8 photo (well F/5.6 in micro four thirds) in a test series, with lens and camera unchanged, but more lights turned on or off, so that only the shutter speed is different. If the resolution is different then you're probably identifying shutter shock, nice point Ken.

Hope nobody reading this thread thinks that shutter shock has any practical significance. This thread exposes that we have to get to a test bench to see even a 10% change in resolution. How in an ordinary world scene would somebody ever notice this in anything but extreme telephoto work, when even then the variables of what camera you have, what lens you have, what aperture you're using, accuracy and depth of focus, post-processing noise reduction, lens field curvature, inherent scene contrast and "edginess", post-processing sharpening, light level and effective sensor ISO, overall camera shake, presence or absence of various kinds of stabilization, flare level and subject movement will in all likelihood overwhelm "shutter shock" effects.

Not to mention forget the whole topic with any kind of close portraiture, where you're fighting excessive resolution as often as welcoming it.

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