Does Anyone use checklists?

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Re: Enemy pilots won't wait for you to complete your checklist.

phazelag wrote:

The US military is so dominate they never face enemy Pilots. And all US Military Use Checklists. The ones who dont wont be pilots very long. The Pilots are not using a checklist during active engagement unless it is very specific to a weapon and then the list is usually pretty short, but effective. Sometimes weapons have to armed, targeting data sent, etc. Its not a video game.

This is not the right parallel to use, even if it does make someone feel very macho.

The low-level technical elements of photography are not related to liability for death or loss of expensive classified equipment. The basis of the artisan craft of photography is the technical sequences one has to apply from habit to support the potential art of photography. It isn't there to mitigate liability. Photographers are not awarded contracts after showing potential clients checklists. The photographer's track record is in fact the client's checklist instead.

A checklist might be tempting for an novice photographer but I am convinced they'll soon bore of it and do things from habit.

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(Of course, you could argue the toss just to please yourself)

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