Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

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Re: Marcio :


you basically seem to think that anyone thinking about buying some Leica gear and wanting to research their potential buys will only have the presence of mind to look at one forum page, and if the info they require is not on that one page, then they will go look elsewhere or give up.

I think you severely underestimate your fellow photographers, when I came back into this game 12mths ago, I decided on a Nikon D200 as my first digital camera, did I look at just the first page of each website whilst looking for information, no I went through the internet with a fine tooth combe and read everything I could find that was written in the English language.

I also did the same before I got my Leica d-lux4, you know, the one that's not a real Leica and shouldn't be on this forum, even though DPR state this forum is for M8, d-lux, v-lux etc.

what really amazes me about you original post jim is that you hardly ever post or contribute anything positive to this forum, gear or image related, yet you seem willing to post troll like thoughts without a care in the world.

why is it that people who have no interest in this forum, love to come on here once in a blue moon, or when there is some trouble brewing, throw some petrol on the fire and then slink off back to their techie talk, and continue worrying about the ever elusive D400 or whatever.

it seems to me, on the whole, the contributors to this forum are happy with the forum, and the route that it takes. why would this bother you enough Jim to even make that original post.



also a proud member of the `lesser leica owners club`.

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