IBIS for SONY E MOUNT FF cameras may be seen in upcoming models !

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Re: re: indeed, hopefully NEVER

jpr2 wrote:


I certainly hope not. Give me fast lenses and big high-ISO sensors that can actually freeze motion blur instead.

IBIS represents everything wrong with over-complex technology that u43 users seem to love. It's yet another thing to go wrong when sensor alignment is so critical to avoid lens de-centering issues that become more important the larger the format,

As evidence, the OMD series has trouble at certain shutter speed ranges when not using EFCS due to IBIS reacting badly with the shutter shock and body vibration harmonics.

IBIS is a gimmick, and useless for moving targets anyway = no need to make cameras more bulky for a very sporadic & doubtful capability. It might be OK with behemoths like SLT line, but it is a blessing that it is absent in small MILCs - we want MILC to get smaller still, not larger

Is that the Royal 'We' or are you able to second guess what all other users want ? There is some evidence that many users think that the NEX's are too small & this accounts for the mixed reception that they have had in the USA.

I suspect that most who think that IBIS is not needed have not actually used an IBIS stabilised camera. I have yet to meet an A-mount users who would like IBIS removed from their cameras. IBIS mechanisms vary & some are better than others. I  have confidence in SONY engineers who should be able to refine & improve the Olympus system.

The fact that IBIS does not deal completely with subject motion is largely irrelevant as it can always be switched off when it is not needed.

Some stubbornly refuse to see that IBIS would greatly enhance the use of older lenses with various adapters. If Sony don't add it then other manufacturers will capitalise on this omission & introduce it on their cameras . Panasonic have done this on their GX7 & that still has ILIS capability as well. All sorts of excuses are made for not having this feature but they are convenient rationalisations after the  fact.

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