For new Magic Lantern users or interested - How to 'install', switch & delete ML.

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Re: For new Magic Lantern users or interested - How to 'install', switch & delete ML.

JJ Rodin wrote:

6x9 wrote:

My understanding is that the EOSCard utility may be needed only for high-capacity cards. It seems sufficient to copy the files to the SD card.

I had installed ML on my EOS M and used it for msome time. However, I have decided to un-install it ML software dries out the battery much faster. I was also concerned about the temperature gauge climbing up to 125 C (really scary...).

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Did it seem any hotter with ML vs Canon ? I suspect there might be problems with the temp gauge, others have questioned it, same for CHDK as well.

Subjectively, when the camera is in ML mode, the battery is depleted faster. I agree that the temperature gauge may be not correct. I had the same suspicion when I have noticed the temperature of 80 C almost immediately after switching the camera on. But it climbed to 125 C (so heated up by 45 C) in less than a minute, which seemed to me very fast anyway.

My EOS M seems to run pretty hot before ML, it it small and dense vs 650D, no real diff that I feel but have not done video for very long per shot w/ ML. Other cams I have, have gotten quite hot duing simple long exposures - 10/15 min, low ISO.

Did you by chance turn off everything ML and see if temp diff?

The temperature gauge is available only in ML layout. Temperature does show up with the original Canon firmware.

I enabled the cpu %, and if that is not near 100% w/ ML, suspect there is no diff to Canon, most I saw was almost 90% when focusing, will check more when videoing.

Sometimes being 'informed' is scarey, this could be one of those times !!

My other problem with ML was the famous "shutter bug" with the 18-55 STM lems. Some people do not experience it, but I am the unlucky one. It is still not clear what the cause of this issue is. Some say that it is the problem related to sertain SD cards. Maybe. But I tried a different card and still could not get rid of this bug.

In the meantime I have decided to wait for a stable version of ML. Probably, I will give ML another try later (when all works).

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