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Re: The best DX camera in the world

Osvaldo Cristo wrote:

We have a recent example: Nikon released Df at a very lower price range than its top FX. It has the look and appeal I saw lots of times members in these forums asking for (retro, no video, ...). I was surprised for the amount of people upset with its price insisting to compare it with lower end FX... non-sense in my book.

I don't remember anyone asking for retro styling ... some were asking for a digital FM, but I suspect they had in mind controls similar to Fuji or Olympus. And what stopped them from making a movie-less D600 with a decent buffer?

It is not just the price. It is a FrankenCam. D600 electronics and AF (which are derived from the D7000). New body castings, but inspired from the D7xxx (metal top and back, maybe bottom too, but plastic front). Strange schizoid UI that looks vaguely familiar with the Fn series from the front and top, but definitely all digital from the back. The trump card is the magnificent D4 sensor, but the implementation is like a Corvette engine in a Cruze. Or for a Euro interpretation, an Audi V8 engine in a Sköda Rapid. On second thought, the price is part of the upset, less features than a D600 but more expensive because of the sensor.

Reminds me of the definition of a camel: a horse designed by a committee ...

The biggest insult: if they can afford to go to all that effort to design a limited appeal item, why can't they afford to do the same for a D300 successor? And now Nikon Rumors says they will now redesign the Nikon one to make it look like a Coolpix?

And then, the horror: it is an FX camera! (yes, this is the DX-PRO forum )

Sigh ...

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

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