The best DX camera in the world

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Re: The best DX camera in the world

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I find my myself getting more and more frustrated with the good people at Nikon. The disasterous financial results of this week illustrate that they are perhaps not bringing out the products that people want to buy and there is a good reason for this. I am sick to the back teeth of mirrorless this and retro that - what is the point? Limited appeal and expensive development costs - not a great idea for a company needing some growth. I do have a clue for the Nikon R&D division though - bring us the best DX format DSLR in the world!

I bought my Nikon D100 when it was released on 2002. Follow Nikon D200, then Nikon D300S.

If you consider most professional Photographers went to FX as well virtually all richest amateurs, it remains only a few people for technical or philosophical reasons and a mass of people that have no money or (have the money, but) do not want to pay for a premium price for a DX "PRO" body at the same price range of lower end FX bodies.

Although from my part I would like a new DX PRO body I would expect it would be a big sales fiasco: I can imagine the reactions of people when (eventually) Nikon release a 1,900-2,000 USD DX PRO camera: too expensive! I prefer a lower end (toy camera) FX!

We have a recent example: Nikon released Df at a very lower price range than its top FX. It has the look and appeal I saw lots of times members in these forums asking for (retro, no video, ...). I was surprised for the amount of people upset with its price insisting to compare it with lower end FX... non-sense in my book.

On the other hand, Nikon has demonstrated they can surprise the market from time to time, so perhaps, a weak perhaps, a D400 can be at the next corner... who knows?

Perhaps I am from other world, but for a while I am plenty satisfied with my D300S I bought more than four years ago when released. When it does not satisfy my needs I will look for an alternative. I hope then I could find a D400, otherwise I will look for alternatives inside Nikon or outside...


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