ISOless sensors, read noise and photography - many questions!

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Re: examples already in this thread

RussellInCincinnati wrote:

WilbaW wrote: You've missed the point entirely. The question is not, can it be done?, the question is, can it be done without penalty?...To determine that for yourself you'd have to compare an ISO 4000 shot with an ISO 800 shot pushed to 4000 and matched to the appearance of the 4000 shot.

WilbaW, have been hesitating to think, that you believe us to be so dull as to write a bunch of posts in multiple threads on this topic, without having done this kind of comparison.

I'm addressing the audience, not you alone. If you (alone) think you're dull that's your problem, not my idea.

Furthermore, posted weeks ago just the kind of comparison you mention already, in this thread. But by all means, let's do it again.

No need for you to do it again or prove anything to me, but the reader of your advice should test it for themselves before adopting it (as they should with any photographic advice), because it isn't universally the best approach for everyone all the time with every camera. Try before you buy. If you've tried it and you like it, go right ahead and buy it! You had no problem when people like Horshack and bobn2 said the same thing, so why are you so against it now?

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