On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

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Re: On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

Jack Hogan wrote:

rubank wrote:

Thanks for this.

Your analysis makes it clear that the studio tests must be taken with some grains of salt.

BTW, the sometimes much critisized IR test shots doesn´t show the same variations, AFAICT.
I´ve downloaded a vast number of IR's RAW files during the years and for more cameras than I can remember, but I haven´t seen this kind of difference between exposures (ISO's). Differences in focussing between cameras is a wellknown fact, but that is something else.

Imho IR is not a good source for this type of information: they admit that they do not have time to meet Imatest's focusing standards, so they do not focus peak properly. The few images of theirs that I have tested (e.g. D800) confirm this.

Yes, as I noted but as I also said that is something else. And at least some part of their studio scene tends to be in good focus....
They don´t show the vaying behavior with changing ISO (i.e. varying shutter speeds), which was my point.

But of course, would it turn out that the DPR setup is so good that it just reveals manufacturers shortcomings then we know who to blame

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