For new Magic Lantern users or interested - How to 'install', switch & delete ML.

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Re: For new Magic Lantern users or interested - How to 'install', switch & delete ML.

6x9 wrote:

My understanding is that the EOSCard utility may be needed only for high-capacity cards. It seems sufficient to copy the files to the SD card.

I had installed ML on my EOS M and used it for msome time. However, I have decided to un-install it ML software dries out the battery much faster. I was also concerned about the temperature gauge climbing up to 125 C (really scary...).

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Did it seem any hotter with ML vs Canon ?  I suspect there might be problems with the temp gauge, others have questioned it, same for CHDK as well.

My EOS M seems to run pretty hot before ML, it it small and dense vs 650D, no real diff that I feel but have not done video for very long per shot w/ ML. Other cams I have, have gotten quite hot duing simple long exposures - 10/15 min, low ISO.

Did you by chance turn off everything ML and see if temp diff?

I enabled the cpu %, and if that is not near 100% w/ ML, suspect there is no diff to Canon, most I saw was almost 90% when focusing, will check more when videoing.

Sometimes being 'informed' is scarey, this could be one of those times !!

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