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Re: Clutter is wrong too

Do you think the iPhone would have been such a success if the button did some thing dfferent every time you used it. Or would cars be safer if one model used the wheel to steer' the next to brake. Back in 1995 the web was chaotic like that too, and before visual basic was developed programming of GUI were different for every program. Did you ever use raw shooter essentials when they decided to dispense with standard ui features like menus. Have you tried working out touch screen devices that use their own proprietary interfaces. Do you remember the heady days of cd-roms (encarta, anyone) when every encycopedia etc had its own way of providing navigation. Do you remember that thank fully short lived vogue for building web navigation with secret links tat you couldn't see and the user had to randomly run their mouse all around to find.

These are examples of creative innovation. They have moment in the sun, the whim of a self indulgent designer daring to be different (purely for the sake of it) before being gratefully discarded for something that actually works.  If you care about your audience you murder your darling genius ideas, because once the whizz bang has worn of they aren't much good. There is very little as utterly humiliating as sitting behind a one way mirror watching your test subjects utterly baffled by your carefully crafted innovations.

Being creative while constrained within boundaries is a far' far greater challenge than a free reign and yields real innovation, not merely eye candy. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that.

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