Can I use a DSLR and an X-Pro 1 or does one cancel out the other?

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Re: Can I use a DSLR and an X-Pro 1 or does one cancel out the other?

tamasine wrote:

I currently use a Nikon D600 full frame DSLR but have been hankering for a Fuji X-Pro 1 for a while now.

Now, I love the D600 and don't want to replace it with anything else. It takes wonderful images, has amazing low light performance and dynamic range, and paired with an inexpensive 50mm f1.8 it makes for a relatively compact and high performance tool.

But, I love the design of the X-Pro 1 and am very impressed with the reviews. I don't know if it really can produce film-like images, but I love the Fuji colours I've seen in samples.

I'm just not sure if owning either the Nikon or Fuji would mean the death of the other. Is it possible to use both cameras in tandem? What would I be gaining with the X-Pro 1 (apart from the looks) and in which situations would I take the X-Pro 1 out, rather than the D600?

As a d800 and XP1 owner, I still want both. With AF improvements and a little more resolution, I can see a not too distant future when *I* could drop the dslr. I can also share that I use my XP1 far more often than the D800 and the XP1 has dramatically increased the amount of shooting I do as well as my enjoyment in photography.

With the deals out there right now, I would grab an X-E2, 23 or 35mm and get started with mirrorless. The 14mm is stellar as well.

Olympus has some really good options too. I just like Fuji's larger sensor and that Fuji "look".

Good luck!

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