Does Anyone use checklists?

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Re: Exactly!

Stuff I am likely to screw up:

  1. IS on when using Tripod
  2. IS off when not using Tripod
  3. High ISO from a previous low-light shoot
  4. 10 second timer from previous tripod shoot (my wireless remote is broken)

I feel like there are lots more I tend to forget, but I can't remember right now...

Forgetting to lower the ISO and IS on a tripod are the two that happen to me the most.  The timer thing too!

I seldom remember to look at checklists until a little afterthat would have been a good idea - but haveĀ engineered outĀ the need for a checklist, for some of those issues, I think.

First, I tend to use the short-period selftimer whenever the camera (Pentax K-5) is on a tripod. This not only locks up the mirror, then allows vibrations to die down; it also automatically suspends the antishake. So I don't need to remember to turn that off myself, nor to turn it on again afterwards; I only have to concern myself with the selftimer mode.

And if I do forget to turn the selftimer off, that is immediately obvious the next time I press the shutter button.

The camera has a "memory" setting whereby you can set which camera parameters are to persist after the camera is powered down and turned on again; and which ones are to revert to your chosen power-up default.

By forming the habit of turning the camera off regularly between sequences, any potentially-inappropriate ISO setting, drive mode, WB, etc can be set to revert to a "generally safe" choice by itself. Of course I can temporarily override anything to whatever auto or fixed setting I like, for a given shot or across a series of shots. But then the power switch takes me "home". And that - not some random setup left over from a previous situation - is my known starting point, for the next situation.

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