On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

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Re: On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

Austinian wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

Very interesting, thanks for posting. Wondering why the D800 resolution (or 'sharpness') is so relatively low (about the same as the 24mp A7)?

Seeing this data raises a number of questions in my mind; unfortunately I lack the technical background to even begin to answer them. I will be watching what you gentlemen and the other experts discover with great interest. There may be implications for everyone in this.

Another mFT camera with a serious shutter shock issue (I assume) in the new comparison tool is the Panasonic G6. Seems to be even worse than on the E-M1. Could probably have been avoided if DPR had used the optional electronic shutter on G6. Olympus E-P5 and E-PL5 are affected too, but it doesn't seem to be a problem on the (also mirror less) Fuji X-E2 and X-Pro1. Can't spot any problems on Canon and Nikon DSLRs, except maybe a bit with the D5300.

One thing that concerns me; if this is shutter shock vibrating the sensor, external damping (heavier tripod, draping the camera body on the tripod with weights, etc.) may not be of much help.

External damping does help. Put the camera on a heavy and perfectly rigid surface (like for example a stone floor) and you won't see any sign of shutter shock even with lenses far more sensitive to the problem than a short tele. I have tried it with my Oly E-M5 and Pany 100-300 at 300 mm (600 mm EFL) and see no problem at all under those conditions. When shooting the same combo from a reasonably sturdy tripod, however, I can't get blur-free images in the critical range of shutter speeds (about 1/25 to 1/250 with the peak about 1/100 or slightly higher).

That said, I am surprised to see the problem appear (if that's what it is in DPR's studio samples; we don't know that yet) with what is supposedly a heavy studio tripod and a much shorter FL (about 100 mm EFL). I can't remember seeing any problems of this kind with the old DPR studio samples, which makes you wonder if they have some special problems with the support gear they are using for some or all cameras.

I do wonder; how could high-end camera manufacturers, with vast resources for testing, possibly miss an engineering problem like this with a potential for degrading the value of their premium products?

A so-called good question.

More data!

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