How to Connect LF1 with Wifi to Windows 8

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Re: How to Connect LF1 with Wifi to Windows 7 and perhaps Windows 8

Hi Lobalobo, this seems to work on Windows 7 so may be ok on 8. It took me 3 days to figure it out! To say the software is clunky is a complement- it seems to be geared to smart phones but why anyone would want to load a 12M pixel photo onto a smart phone beats me!

Here's what I did-

On the PC take out another identity and give it a password. On the new identity, load photofunstudio and create a file (Lumixshare) to receive the download- check the file has sharing enabled. Also ensure is PC is part of a HomeGroup with photo and documents enabled.

On the LF1. Set the Workgroup to HomeGroup as follows- note the placement of the capital letters-

Press view photos, press menu set, click wifi, wifi setup, PC connection, set workgroup name to HomeGroup. Press cancel and turn off LF1.

Press view photos, press menu set, click new connection, send images stored in camera, PC, via network…..connecting (long wait!)….. searching (another long wait!) click manual and enter your router name and password. Note, if you need to enter consecutive letters from the same box, you will need to enter an alternative then delete it to return to the original box.

Next select user name and password- this is your new identity name & password. Click exit. Select folder lumixshare. “Wifi connection completed”

Select photos and they will be uploaded. Sadly you seem to have to click on each one rather than select all.

It worked for me, once, but I doubt that I will ever use it again as using the usb cable or putting the SD card in my PC seems a much simpler method!

Photofunstudio looks like a cobbled together, slow piece of software- try Fastone, free fast and superb!

Please post back if I can help in any way.

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