On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

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Re: On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

Very interesting, thanks for posting. Wondering why the D800 resolution (or 'sharpness') is so relatively low (about the same as the 24mp A7)? Another mFT camera with a serious shutter shock issue (I assume) in the new comparison tool is the Panasonic G6. Seems to be even worse than on the E-M1. Could probably have been avoided if DPR had used the optional electronic shutter on G6. Olympus E-P5 and E-PL5 are affected too, but it doesn't seem to be a problem on the (also mirror less) Fuji X-E2 and X-Pro1. Can't spot any problems on Canon and Nikon DSLRs, except maybe a bit with the D5300.

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