Does Anyone use checklists?

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Re: Does Anyone use checklists?

Being a former commeracial airline pilots trainer, I fully appreciate the importance of checklists in order to make sure that nothing is forgotten.

However, I think that the only place where a checklist can be very useful is a gear checklist for photography missions.

I am not the most organised person and I can count several times in the past when I forgot to bring with me a piece of gear that was important for the job and if you are a pro, it can be embarrassing.

Now, I keep a set of gear checklist cards adapted for every type of job we are going to do and that saved me lots of troubles.

But when it comes to photography itself, I doubt it very much. It maybe helpful for beginners but the danger but even then i woulnt recommend it because checklists are just the opposie of free spirit and creativity, which are essential elements of photography. Also lets not forget that if you miss an item in photography, you may end up with a bad photo. If you miss an item on a plane, you may end your life in a crash.



P.S. just had a visit yo your web site and was very impressed of what I saw. I don't think you need a checklist 

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