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Re: Shared frustration....

Ronan_M wrote:

GPW wrote:

a DX camera that customers really want?

Which customers? The small subset of ppl lurking in this forum hoping for a D400? I can only agree in sentiment...I also want a D400. But to think that Nikon's solution to low sales depends on a D400 is fantasy.

Have a look at Nikon's Financial reports (easily found on the "Investor Relations" on their website. This text is taken from the consolidated financial results:

"Imaging Products Business

In the Imaging Product Business, the compact digital camera market continued to shrink while the overseas marketfor the Digital camera―Interchangeable Lens Type performed sluggishly.

Under these circumstances, among Digital camera―Interchangeable Lens Type, the mid-class digital SLR camera D7100 enjoyed steady sales. As for the compact digital cameras, marketing was particularly focused on the sales expansion of the ultra high-power zoom camera equipped with a 42x optical zoom lens COOLPIX P520, while several distinctive new products were launched, such as the COOLPIX S6600 equipped with a vari-angle monitor that enables effortless self portraits.

As a result, both Digital camera―Interchangeable Lens Type and compact digital cameras maintained their market shares; however, faced with the difficult market conditions, net sales decreased by 7.5% year on year to 352,580

million yen and operating income decreased by 26.0% year on year to 30,919 million yen."

So, D7100 and Coolpix. I think the market for a 2000$ D400 is not big enough to "save" Nikon.

Although one may argue, that a D7100 is a reasonably highly specd camera and thus, indicates that 'enthusiasts' are there for the taking, people don't buy D7100's to take snapshots and one could also suggest that many who would have bought a D400 have 'settled' for a D7100, just look at some of the comments on this forum.

So, I would agree a D400 might provide good sales. However, the low end compact cameras are under severe threat by the iphones and ipads is clear.

I have even seen tourists with ipads taking images of scenery where I live.

One flat, easy to carry ipad tha can send email, read the morning papers, take photos, write notes, is a travelers (and many peoples daily) dream.

The compact camera is dead. As someone previously posted hereabouts, we are back to the 70's market for cameras.

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