ISOless sensors, read noise and photography - many questions!

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Re: of course we should always include examples

RussellInCincinnati wrote:

RussellInCincinnati wrote: To recap, in the field when you need a photo above ISO 800, set the camera to an ISO at least 1 and perhaps 2 stops lower than what you think is indicated. Viewfinder will still be usable, and you can fix the ISO in raw post-processing.

WilbaW wrote: Make sure you try this idea before you buy it.

Well am going to restate your comment a tad more diplomatically as "Russell could you show us an example of easily pushing an ISO 800 raw file to ISO 4000, as you so conveniently did in one of your other threads ? " And the answer is, of course why not, when nowadays examples are so easy to post?

You've missed the point entirely. The question is not, can it be done?, the question is, can it be done without penalty?  Crucial bit in bold -

and while the noise was equivalent the colour in the shadows was never quite as good as the shot with the ISO that gave normal/desirable image brightness. In my case there was no pay-off to justify doing more work to get an inferior result.

To determine that for yourself you'd have to compare an ISO 4000 shot with an ISO 800 shot pushed to 4000 and matched to the appearance of the 4000 shot. If you can't see any meaningful difference between the two then it doesn't matter for your purpose, and the only penalty is a few seconds in LR.

Like you, after a bit of playing around with dark raw files... You probably did what I did 3 years ago...

No, I carefully followed the coaching of several experts using multiple standalone and integrated raw converters (including LR), doing things like linear conversions and creating tone curves from scratch, and we were not able to match the IQ of the higher ISO shot. But that was my camera and my test shots. YMMV, so try before you buy.

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