What is your biggest disappointment about GM1?

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Re: What is your biggest disappointment about GM1?

TonyinJapan wrote:

KwhyChang wrote:

Of course this is all personal.

In order of importance to me.

1. Mechanical shutter tops out at 1/500... although I do like that it has a silent shutter option for static subjects

I think the silent shutter is a really great feature. I used it over the weekend for shooting in an event and it was a great shooting experience that I could be extremely discreet.

2. A big reason to buy this cam would be the lens, but the lens has no mechanical focus ring and offers little quality to µ4/3 lens lineup, IMO

3. Weak flash and no flash shoe. My E-P3, which I prefer as my carry everywhere, has 10 meter flash, Gm1 has a 4 meter flash (DPR specs)

4. No grip. This was my main beef with the PL3 and PM1. Granted I'll use my Flip Bac solution, but I often hate these cost cutting tactics

5. Not having all colors in all markets. I shouldn't have to buy a camera from halfway around the world because of a stupid marketing dildo

6. No way to attach an EVF. There are times when I want a viewfinder with MY portable. I can do that with the E-P3

7. Although you can use it with lots of other lenses, it would be unbalanced IMO with most

I was really excited about this camera, especially after seeing it won Gear of the Year, Part2. However it, and the GX7, EM1, made me rethink what I spend my money on and what I get back for it. Decided to stay with E-P3 as my take everywhere. Although it's not as small, it feels better to hold. Subsequently, I ordered the Sony A7 and am absolutely ecstatic. But that's a personal move on my part to reclaim my love for my full frame gear in a more lightweight package.

Interesting that you have the E-P3 and EM-5. I also have the E-P1 and love the ergonomics and feel of the camera. Feels really different when holding the E-P1 compared to the GM1.

Congrats on getting the Sony A7. I had a try in-store the other day and was impressed, although for my shooting, I have decided that the EM-5 is my limit for serious shooting, and have looked the other way to have a more portable set-up to complement it (with the GM1).


Thanks for the nice sentiments, Tony. Actually, I should thank you also for your early posts. You were one of the first to post about the Gm1 which was helpful for people here.

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