For new Magic Lantern users or interested - How to 'install', switch & delete ML.

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For new Magic Lantern users or interested - How to 'install', switch & delete ML.

** this is NOT my work, I just gathered, tested & cleaned up things, it was more complex & did not work, this is simpler and works for me & others, please comment/correct or release a better version, please! **

Files to Download: (DL= download, ML=Magic Lantern, TL=Tragic Lantern)

A. DL 'EOSCard.exe' utility using link from the installation section of the 5DMarkIII home page on ML site - or google it.

B. DL ML (google it) OR latest TL files ( - via URLs shown - or use google.

** Use the TL file for now - the latest changes are there !! **

Steps to copy files to SD to 'install' TL/ML onto SD card:

1. First format your SD card on your computer (for safety).

2. Then format the card in your EOS M. This will create the 'DCIM' and 'MISC' folders on the SD card.

3. Unzip your chosen EOS M version TL or ML zip file and copy ALL files directly to your SD card 'root/top/main' folder/directory, (ML folder, autoexec.bin and EOSM_202.fir).

4. With the SD card still in the card reader, To make SD card bootable in camera, 'execute/run' the 'EOSCard utility' from downloaded Folder/directory on HardDrive, no need to copy it to SD card.

6. When EOSCard utility interface is open, check that correct SD Card is selected, then press the lower righthand 'ML' icon, and press 'save' icon on the top right of the EOSCard interface, now close this app.

7. Eject SD card, That is it!

8. Remove card and insert into Camera & proceed to below.

To Run Camera in ML mode - ie 'install':

1. Insert SD card with files from above steps, Turn camera on in Photo mode (middle button top dial), press menu, go 2nd from right (last wrench icon),
choose firmware version on bottom menu.
2. perform f/w update On Camera, not lens, press ok.
3. done, led should flash green lots, if no flashing red LED, good! Screen should flash a few, canon screens appear and then a full green ML text screen appears, SUCCESS! Read screen text, then Turn off camera.
4. Turn on the camera normally, it should look normal, to test if ML is there go to the ML menu, see below, then try some ML/TL functions.

NOTE: To select ML menu, place 2/TWO fingers/knuckles on touch screen, trashcan ONLY centers focus (unlike other cams), trashcan is NOT for getting ML menu.

See other websites for using ML & the various settings, ML defaults should give you a 'normal' camera !!

Steps to switch from ML mode to Canon mode:

To toggle ML from always booting do:

1. With Camera in ML mode & camera mode, do a re-load of firmware,
2. When green screen occurs, switch to A+ mode, top switch,
3. The camera will toggle the bootflag to false (not ML), read the screen!, that's it, turn off camera.
4. The camera will now boot up in canon mode - done!

** The screen says to clear out settings, this is likely not needed, but remember in case something is not as expected !!

STEPS TO REMOVE ML permanently FROM EOS-M and from SD card !!

1. Turn off camera, Remove SD card from camera
2. Insert SD in SD reader, Format card in computer.
3. Insert SD card in camera, Format card in camera.

!! EOS-M should now be same as from factory.

Known possible issues - not all:

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-- Shutter-bug Issue.

Camera may stop working or taking photos, hangs.
There are two workarounds:
1.) Power up, rotate lens to break connection with camera and rotate back.
2.) Power on the camera then power it back off and then back on before the SD light flashes.
You get about a second, maybe two to do this.

*** Keep In Mind ***

-- When taking out the memory card, watch that your other hand, holding the camera, isn't hitting the power on/off switch. Possible corruption issues if you remove/insert card during power on/off cycle. Just like on a computer.

-- The camera in ML mode won't go into "Crop Mode" unless the top dial is in Movie mode via top switch!

I believe this is accurate to best of my ability at the moment.

Good Luck !

Note: I have only tested TL with a 22mm lens, seems stable, but some settings may cause hanging, just turn off &/or pull battery, then just power on normally, check that setting has been reset for safety/convenience.

Canon EOS 5D
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