Fed up with the wars here......

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Re: Fed up with the wars here......

Ed B wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

Not just you at all. The endless format wars along with the tireless fanboyism (the Fujifilm X forum is *THE* worst by far. Just try to say ANYTHING about the Fuji cameras in a less than glowing way and be prepared for a veritable feeding frenzy of personal attacks) make DPR a tiring place to be.

One of the big problems with the Fuji X forum is the actual structure of the forum. DPR chose to include all Fuji cameras with an X-Trans sensor into one forum.

Cameras like the X-10, X-20 and X-F1 are small sensor compact cameras and people who own, or are thinking about buying, these cameras sometimes say things that don't necessarily apply to the interchangeable lens or larger sensor cameras, like the X-Pro1, X-E1/X-E2, X100/X100s. Cameras like the X-10 have almost nothing in common with cameras like the X-Pro1.

The Fuji X forum is also overrun with people who don't own an X series camera but still feel the need to comment on what they consider faults with the X-Trans filter array. Many "experts", who obviously know very little about photography, trash Fuji because Fuji cameras don't have some of the convenience features that are common on other brands.

All these things contribute to the frustration felt by many people who are regulars on the forum and, You're right, sometimes people are told they don't know what they're talking about.

Just the same, most people on the forum will agree that even the top-of-the-line Fuji cameras aren't perfect.

I am a bit confused here. It seems that this thread started in the Fuji Pro Forum but got sent to the Open Forum.

So you are implying that the X10 and X20 are in the Fuji Pro Forum but they are not. They are in the Fuji Compact Forum where they properly belong. Even though the X20 has an X-Trans filter array.

Now if you think that some debates were rancorous in the Fuji forums, they pale in comparison to what has recently happened on the former Sony NEX forum ever since DPR dumped full frames into that forum!

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