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It's like the old saying, "it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it". The D800 has the extra Mp if required and there will be times that you may need it. The only penalty is the need for memory and faster PC, but most of us have this anyway.

More storage requirements and faster computers are not the "only penalty" of a high resolution 36-mp sensor like the D800. That sensor is much more demanding for lenses and mostly requires really good lenses which often means expensive pro-grade Nikkors. Note that the D800 is the first and only camera that Nikon actually released a list of "Approved Lenses" for. Since the Nikon Df, which more than any other Nikon DSLR, is designed to provide backwards compatibility with older, manual pre-AI and AI Nikkors the choice of a lower resolution, less optically demanding sensor makes perfect sense.

Yes, but it won't make the images worse than a lesser Mp camera and again, you have the option of getting better results than any lesser Mp camera.

However, working with NEFs 3x the size would have been a massively tiresome chore, even on a fast desktop PC. I shoot a lot of photos I want to keep (and keep as NEFs) rather than a few I cherish. Even 12MP NEFs are undesirably slow to manage in any volume. 36MP would be pointless and something I'd pay to avoid. I don't want to convert to JPEG for further workflow and archive NEF, I just want a single NEF file.

I have not found that my D800 files have slowed my work down one iota. I have shot over 35,000 shots with my D800 (20,000) and my D800E (over 15,000) and my workflow has not suffered at all.

On my two year old Macbook, the difference in processing speed in Lightroom between my D800 and my 16 mp Fujifilm X-E1 is fairly dramatic. Processing a card filled with D800 RAWs is simply more time consuming than my other cameras. Of course it doesn't make sense to buy such a high end camera and use an older, underpowered computer, but clearly high volume RAW shooting with the D800 is potentially a more daunting proposition for some photographers than with lower resolution cameras like the D700 and D4. Photographer Nasim Mansurov in his Nikon Df preview writes about this situation and how a lower resolution DSLR with great low-light capability is going to be extremely desirable for wedding and other high volume shooters.

Well, it depends on your use, requirements and what computer you have. I use the D800E's extra res to it's fullest and wouldn't ever dream of going back to a lesser Mp camera.

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