What is your biggest disappointment about GM1?

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Re: no focus ring

TEBnewyork wrote:

For the GM1 I'd rather keep the lens really small and not have the focus ring. Honestly how many people using a kit lens want to manually focus it? Primes missing a focus ring would be a bigger deal.

I use manual focus all the time, and a lot of my lenses are kit lenses or de-kitted lenses. Why wouldn't I want to focus my lenses manually?

The 12-32 had the potential to be great for me: if it becomes available as de-kitted like the 14/2.5, I could have bought a wide-angle zoom on the cheap. The only comparable option is the 12-50, and it's so huge it's a carry-nowhere lens.

You never know when you need manual focus. It's true you can use another cheap kit, but a 14-4x won't work if you need the wide angle end, or if you've brought just the GM1 kit because it's so small (which is the point of the camera).

I realise Panasonic have produced a lens here which will work well for a lot of people. However, I believe the system is weakened when standard features like manual focus are left out. When lenses start coming bundled with a lot of "ifs", an increasing amount of people will be turned away.

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