Mirror less users: will you ever go back?

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Mirror less users: will you ever go back?

The story:

So i am at an interesting crossroads i think. I haven't been into cameras my whole life, maybe the last ten years or so (im in my 30s), but have been more serious of a hobbyist in it for the last few. I have never used a film camera sans a polaroid and i consider myself very much a child of the digital age. I had my first video game system when i was 4, i love my computers and phablets, and i love cameras just for the sake of cameras. My last camera was a K5-IIs, a truly great camera. Before that was another DSLR, K30, before that i had an A55 and even further back, a Rebel.

So as you can tell, most of my experience has been with DSLRs rather than mirror less types. Nonetheless, i find myself not wanting to go back to that mirror. I have USED mirror less, just not owned one, and the A55 was sort of mirror less. My last cam broke, then was fixed, then i sold it as i was tired of issues after the spill. I miss having that extension of my hand however and am buying anew in January, so i need to make a choice. I don't have too much in any glass so i'm open to any system that grabs me.

The criteria:

I rarely shoot action, so for me the accuracy of CDAF is preferable over the tracking of PDAF. If i could have both, great. If i had to choose, i want accuracy. Never again will i deal with with bf/ff, if i have any say so about it. While i appreciate the beauty of a good OVF, the usefulness of an EVF can't be ignored. I love manual focus for several reasons, peaking means this is much more enjoyable. I love macro shooting, and have had some past photos end up less than clear due to slower SS letting in vibration. I know flash can completely fix this but i would rather not worry about it since i also shoot a lot of indoor available light.

The conclusion:

So if you had no preconceived ideas, and you looked at the above criteria, what would you advise? Same here. So as the title reads, with the states of current DSLRs and mirror less options, will any of you mirror less users ever switch back? or more to the point, what would it take to pull you back to mirrors? And for the sake of good conversation, if you are resisting mirror less cameras, what would it take to pull you to the dark side? Feel free to offer what you may think is a pro or con for either format. In the end, perhaps i or others can learn something we didn't know in the first place. Information is nothing to be afraid of.

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