New Canon L 24-70 L II - Autofocus noise

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Re: New Canon L 24-70 L II - Autofocus noise

joseph shtekler wrote:

jamo photo wrote:

I just bought/returned one to B&H last week. After unboxing and taking some test shots the first thing I noticed was the focus motor was significantly louder than my other Canon L-Series lenses, including even the kit lens. (24-105) The focus motor had a bit of grinding sound to it as well. In addition, it seemed to be a bit "jumpy" when it reached its destination, i.e., hunting. This was ever so slight, but again not the sold performance I have been used to with my other L-Series lenses. Also, when zooming in and out it felt/sounded like there was greater/louder friction than with the other lenses. Not sure if they Chinafied this lens, or if it's possibly due to them using more plastic vs metal.

On a positive note, the image quality was off the charts boheh beautiful, so if the above is just limited to a "batch" and anyone has bought one where these issues have been rectified then PLEASE post, because I would love to have this lens, just with a smooth/quiet focus motor as it should have.

OK, so after I heard all the problems with this lens hear on this forum, I made my decision,

I call B & H (did not made the order on line), asked to talk with a pro gear sell person, I explained him my concern about this lens ( noisy auto focus, and clicking zoom) and ask him that I like to get the most new model they have, He said that he is adding all of my requests to the order, He was very nice.

got the lens last friday, checked it out AFTER RELEASING THE LOCK LENS ( I think that the ticking in the zoom coming from the lock mechanism being on the way of the ring)

so my lens is not ticking or clicking in zoom it make regular sliding sound as my nikon lens,(still have one left over old lens) and the auto focus is OK too (only nikon AFS lens is quieter)

so to final this buy of the 24-70 2.8f L II was a success for me.

hope you guys will have the same

BTW the S/N 062

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