X-EM2 versus Nikon Df full-frame

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X-EM2 versus Nikon Df full-frame

With the recent release of more 'affordable' full-frame camera's like the A7(r) etc. I have been thinking a bit of 'upgrading' to full-frame; However, it seems that the extra image quality you can get is really very limited nowadays.

Recently I compared the full-frame A900 against my X-Pro1and there is hardly any difference whatsoever. I guess that 5 to 10 years ago, full-frame really had a big IQ advantage with respect to APS-C but nowadays the differences seem marginal -- especially considering the excellent fast glass available for Fuji-X Gives plenty of DOF control (and in the case of the 23mm F1.4, about a stop more than what you get from the fullframe A7(r) with the Zeiss 35mm F2.8 (!)) An advantage of full-frame is still that you can get 36mp sensors which give nice cropablility (but big files to slow down your PC, lol)

It is always hard to compare sensors with different amount of pixels, so it is nice to see the Nikon Df test scenes since the Df and Fuji X-EM2 have the same amount of pixels (16MP) so we can more directly see the difference. Again, I feel the differences are really really marginal -- I don't think you would see any difference in practical photography (except that fuji has a an excellent size/quality balance, ;-). Here are some crops. I used JPG since at RAW there is always more chroma noise for bayer, and softness for x-trans -- JPG levels the field a bit more I think.

With the brush I think you can see the Df resolves slightly more detail:

With the portrait you can also see a little more detail I think in the Df, but on the other hand, the color seems nicer on the fuji (like on the right-side part of her nose):

What is up with the Df colors here ??:

Just to make sure it is not a jpg artifact, here is the RAW:

And the portrait in raw too:

Anyways, I guess the point is that any perceived difference is marginal at best; perhaps APS-C is the best format for digital -- for now I am going to stick with Fuji-X and the exellent compact but fast lenses they put out.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 Nikon Df Sony Alpha a7
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