Nikon A vs Sony RX100

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Re: Nikon A vs GR vs Sony RX100 vs X100 vs Panasonic GM1

mcshan wrote:

Hi Photo, I know you have many come at you out here and I do recall you have gone through a good many cameras. You are offering praise for the GM1. Is it merely the flavor of the month for you or are the results that good? By the way, mine is a sincere question as I have never had any issue with you. You are currently one of the few who have this camera and like you I have a 20 1.7 I would consider slapping on the GM1 (should I get one).

The GM1 fills a important camera need for me in that it has a small built in bounce flash.

I do not like blinding people with head on flash and as good as Olympus is they had the bouncers and got rid of them.  I modified a Oly flash to bounce (the kit flash) with a dremel and it now bounces when I hold it back with the finger.

Also I like the hi IQ, the hi ISO, the wonderful lenses such as the incredibly sharp primes such as the 20mm and 45mm and so on.

The body of the GM1 is the same size as the diminutive Canon S100.

So yes, the GM1 breaks new ground.  Now is its IQ as good as the other m4/3?  That is for experts to opine.  I think it is!  We'll see the reviews.

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