Olympus Pen F 40mm 1.4 comments

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Re: Olympus Pen F 40mm 1.4 comments

Zenjitsuman wrote:

I am very familiar with the 3 Oly lenses I think without looking it up 38, 40, 42mm.

The Zuiko OM lenses were great lenses. The Pen lenses were built for a half frame camera

that was not the pro level product like the FF OLY cameras that are still considered legendary.

The Pen body and lenses lack the details of the Zuiko OM lenses.

Minolta made the CL model and made a 40mm f1.4.

Voigtlander made SLII 40mm f2 and also a 40mm f1.4.

I like the idea of a Sigma 30mm f1.4 too but only the new model. The old model isn't worth

getting it was great in the center but had issues elsewhere.

Now for the price conscious the Nikon 35 that Rockwell likes is good for the money and 52mm on Nex. If you can get the extra cash go for the Sigma 30 MKII, its a 45mm including the crop.

In my testing, the 40mm Pen is sharper at larger apertures than any lens I've tested it against.  This is pretty similar to other peoples testing/observations.  The only thing I have noticed that it lacks is flare resistance (I have a version with the old coating).

As has been mentioned before, if you are going to go the route of a 35mm Nikon DX autofocus lens, why not just get the Sony 35mm DT instead which you can buy an adapter that will have phase detect autofocus.  Most autofocus lenses are horrible to manual focus with short focus throws and small focus rings.

The attraction of the Pen lenses is the overall size for the excellent image quality.  All the other lenses become pretty big once you add an adapter.  The rangefinder lenses are small but are going to run you at least twice the price of the 40mm Pen.  My only issue with the Pen 40 is that I don't use it that much because I am finding manual focus a bit tedious.  It's not really a focal length that I can always keep on my camera as well as I prefer something a bit wider for everyday use.  For around the house which is where it gets used the most, its small size is not much of an advantage since I don't really care about being super portable.

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